Funny Wifi Names:- In today’s world, there is the most important Internet for human life. Every man or every young person enjoys using high-speed internet, most people are using broadband internet connections for high-speed internet. If you use a broadband Internet connection for the Internet, it is also true that you are also using the WiFi router for broadband connection wireless internet.


After using the WiFi router for the internet, we will first have to change the router’s network SSID. If we have not got a good or fun name for the wifi router, or have not chosen any good name yet. Most people keep the name of their WiFi router in the name of their shop and their names.

But there is a move on the name of your WiFi router. Many people try some strange WiFi names like this, like cool, fun, and exciting names, to alert people around you.

If you are looking for the best Funny Wifi Names like some cool, fun and exciting names for your WiFi router, here we are looking for your WiFi Router
One of the fun, quiet, ridiculous, and intimidating people for SSID will tell you in this post. And will help you find the best wifi names for your WiFi router.


If you want to do SHOWOFF between people too, then change your WiFi with Funny WiFi Names. So that people who are trying to connect with your WiFi can stop you with their fun WiFi Names. As you chase people with expensive equipment like iPhones and expensive bikes, you can chase your WiFi name as well. So how did I feel if you liked the idea then just changed the name of your wifi?


You can keep funnings of your home WiFi so that you can check the people around you. And could show off in the middle. We will tell you some fun, cool names for your home. Keep our post for cool, fun, and exciting wifi.

1 is your father’s wifi
2 I am the father of your gf
3 I’m the father of your bf
4 I wifi I do not gf
5 Part Dogs
7 of the Free Lele Book
8 of Sharma’s son wifi
9 papa to the panga
10 my sister is heroin
11 love you mom
12 Father: name is yours
13 my brother my dear
14 Sorry Not Available
15 the lan for free
16 yahoo kafala
17 people
18 Wifi at the time of claim
19 crazy panties
20 Special

Funny WIFI NAMES FOR office

You can also change the name of your office wifi by keeping the name WiFi funny and blocking the logo. And can show off between the people. Well-known WifeNames for the Office.

1 work smart, not hard
2 its office, not home
3 Join My Network
4 I’m serious
5 Zero Clark Thirty
6 Bob Ones
7 Network Not Found
8 Access Divide
9 my wifi, not your wife
10 not free then 3g
11 Do not Even Try It
12 no free wifi for you
13 Your Grammar This More Annoying
14 Get Your Own Net Brow
15 password this password
16 Porqueafi
17 Create Network
18 unprotected sex
19 Our Internet is the fastest than yours
20 the bike before time.

Funny WIFI Names for Restaurants

You can also have a nice WiFi name for your restaurant so that more and more people can attract your restaurant. And spend more time in your restaurant. If enabled, keep your restaurant’s WiFi open.

1 P & P
2 scream
3 Come eat and go
4 Eat plenty
5 Thai pods Eat
6 whole stomach and drive a lot
7 the There is nothing in these recent rarest
8 Sadda Haq
9 stole a Winnie Winnie, sin will take
10 Do not try is Secure
11 grace of Ambani
12 halfway off wifi balance
13 Do not download Blu-Ray movie
14 30 minutes of 14 rupees
15 free anchors of the internet
16 Modi devotees
17 Pappu Harga
18 Do not eat food
19 Extra Foods
20 you can hack and then hack

Funny wifi names for schools Adding

1 fee to the net money
2 studies
3 will do it
4 404 wifi not available
5 password is not for you
6 Next Month Examination
7 Read your book
8 quote using my wifi
9 provided area
10 do not wifi ho
11 Do not waste your time
12 feet for use
13 wifi locked
14 wifi secure
15 network will get
16 virus detached do not join
17 I do not know passwords
18 Net Speed ??This Limited
19 I’m your principal
20 Not for Students                                                                                                                                                                              21 Playbox


By following the instructions given by us, you can easily change the name of your WiFi and you can name it as Funny WiFi. I used a mobile phone and a TP-Link router. If you have another router or you are using some other router, you can easily change the name.

First of all, you have the Chrome browser open.
Then go to your router’s IP address.
Then open the wireless section.
Then find or search for a password or share key.
After you finish typing the new password in the empty box.
Finally, save your changes.


So, guys, I’m sure you would like our post. Here we have told you many fun WiFi names that you would have liked. If any information has disappeared, you can tell us by commenting. We will come back to the solution to your problems. Thank you

160 Funny Wifi Names (2021)
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